Photos: Police On Ticket Blitz at BMG Chavrusah Tumult


cops-at-bmg-tumult-matzavcom-1-small[Photos below.] As reported earlier here on, a large crowd gathered today at Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ, for chavrusah tumult, but many, upon returning to their cars, were greeted by parking tickets on their windshields. Throughout this morning, Patrolman Eric Menck and other officers of the Lakewood Police Department drove through the BMG parking lot at Seventh Street and Private Way specifically to ticket cars they thought were parked illegally or in fire lanes.

At one point, Officer Menck drove through the heavily crowded area adjacent to the Hershey and Raizy Friedman Chaburah Center and the entrance to the Israel Henry Beren Hall. The crowd was forced to part as the patrol car made its way through the closely huddled talmdei hayeshiva.

 The site of police cars constantly driving through and around the chavrusah tumult unnerved some people.

“The parking situation is a disaster,” said one talmid, who asked that only his first name, Yosef, be used. “Those in the fire lanes present a hazard, but many others simply found make-shift spots. Who tipped off the cops to come at chavrusah tumult of all days?”

A resident nearby countered that it is dangerous when cars are parked in a way that hinders the passage of traffic, especially for emergency vehicles.

“The point is not whether they are right or wrong in this instance,” said a different individual, identifying himself only as a resident of West Gate. “The outcry is based on the perception, or reality, that ticketing in the town is out of control. So when it appears that the cops are targeting yungeleit and bochurim of all people, people are going to be upset.”

A third person, a bochur in the yeshiva, took a lighter approach to the whole ticketing tumult. “As long as the cops leave the danish car alone, I’m okay,” he told to in jest, referring to the car parked near the yeshiva building from whose trunk danishes and other bakes items are available for purchase by the talmidei hayeshiva.

To view photos, see below:

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 { Newscenter, with reporting by M. Rubin} 


  1. The West Gate resident should be ashamed of himself putting it in such a way just days after a child was hit by a car due to cars parked illegaly and is alive by NISIM.

  2. The fact is that they were parked illegally. You can cry anti-semitism all you want, but when Jews break the law, it’s not anti-semitism – it’s just a huge chillul Hashem.

  3. This is becoming the norm all over- police departments are now looked at as sources of badly needed revenue for cash strapped cities- Here in Passaic there is a new directive- the police must issue 400 tickets a day- besides parking- they have set up traps all over town looking for every sort of violation that is on the books-
    Life is not hard enough with the economy as it is but we now have to contend with police who have forgotten that their job is to serve and protect rather than generate revenue for cities and towns…

  4. They are doing as instructed by the liason to the Police Dept (he’s running for election in Nov.). BMG cars don’t get ticketed. The higher ups say give them raises, overtime, double up on shifts, etc.

  5. TO ALL YOU FOOLISH PEOPLE, I WAS THERE. MANY OF THOSE WHO WERE TICKETED HAD PARKED LEGALLY. the cops in this town are reshaim. enough. our tax dolalrs go to pay for them to steal our money? to buy the police chief a new fancy car? to pay for the higher ups in the police dept. to attend hachnosas sefer torahs? please. i saw what was going on. THE OFFICERS, INCLUDING MENCK, WERE DRIVING AROUND WITH ABANDON, ON A MISSION. THEY WERE GOING TO TICKET WHOEVER THEY COULD. MENCK BASICALLY TRAMPLED HALF THE YESHIVA AS HE DROVE BY NEAR THE OTZAR. NO CAR EVER DRIVES THROUGH THERE DURING TUMULT, AND HERE COMES MENCK WITH HIS SMIRK ON HIS FACE DRIVING THROUGH!!
    You don’t know what Lakewood residents ahve to deal with on a regular basis with the officers.
    They ticket and ticket, but somehow crime goes up. we have jews being betaen up and all they are worried about is ticketing people. there is something very wrong. and the people in charge know it. they just don’t have the will, power or desire to do anything. they say, “well, if we have less cops, you won’t be safe.”
    go anywhere else and you won’t see cops for miles, and yet they are more safe than we are. and yet in lakewood you can’t drive a block without seeing a cop. and what’s he doing? usually waiting to ticket someone.
    the situation is insane, and what happened at BMG today is just s amll part of a serious problem.

  6. Thank you #13 for your on the spot report.

    You are 100% correct that the cops are on a mission to enforce the traffic laws of the medinah in which you live.

    Unfortunately, people start their Averiahs small and work their way up (or so the mussar goes). Who knows what other laws of the country this could have led to being broken
    over the years, fraud, embezzlement etc…

    B’H they put the fear of the ‘Law’ in the people with regard to parking, hopefully this will dissuade people from taking the law of the land so lightly and ensure their adherence to other laws of the land with more ‘unfogivving’ punishments than a simple ticket.

    Here the police stopped you from parking illegally -> they Actually KNOW the Traffic rules, you ASSUME you know some rules, you assume you know a legally parked position from one that is not.

    Note: Obviously someone told them to come by, that person is OBVIOUSLY Moser -> Al pi halacha we MUST kill him

  7. Grown man, you missed the point. This isn’t about breaking the law. No one is saying that it is permitted to break the law. It is about cops hounding local innocent residents and giving tickets unjustifiably as they did today.
    All haters of frum Jews and bnei Torah will of course say that getting a ticket for parking an inch on a yellow line will cause one to commit fraud, embezzelement and what not. The hatred is so transparent.
    the cops are not interested in enforcing the law. I know ebc. I have seen it. They had a party today – TICKETING PEOPLE WHO WERE PARKED 100% LEGALLY. There were some who were parked questionably too, and they would probably win if they fought it. but like I said, the cops were there to capitalize on a tip they must have received. It is a shandeh. and whoever doesn’t live here has no idea what the cops do to us in the town. they ticket with abandon. they are vicious. they have a police force the size of an army being paid with our tax dolalrs for what? too make our lives miserable when we are obeying the law.
    is it normal for an officer to drive through a crowd of hundreds of people on a street that is not sued by the public? is it normal? is that called safe? it was reckless and his feet should be held oevr the fire.

  8. mmm, these people didn’t break the law
    most of them parked legally. the cops decided to ticket anyway
    let them stay on clifton avenue making believe like they are maintaining order

  9. Grown man: first off, it’s not so simple to say the person is a moser and gets killed. See the psak given a few weeks ago (I don’t recall by who exactly, but it was a major posek in Israel)regarding someone who mosers on a person who is clearly breaking the law.
    Second, it’s not the BMG guys’ tax money. Remember, you have to make money to pay taxes.

  10. i think we are all missing the point that as the signs are at 0 degrees angles it is NOT illegal to park and the officer admitted so hinself

  11. The last 5 years I have not received one ticket except for a meter that expired, know why, I drive slow, do not tailgate, never pass a red light, and park legally.

  12. American citizen, if you called yourself Lakewood citizen you might have a platform to stand on.

    In Lakewood, with all of the above that you so painstakingly detail, you might STILL have received a ticket.

    Don’t be so smug, it doesn’t become you.

  13. Mr. Orthowatch,

    How did you select such a revolting name?

    BTW, were you by chavrusa tummult in Lakewood? Based on your self description on you blog, I dare say not. In fact, I doubt you have ever even been inside the Beis Medrash in Lakewood. The point anyway is that how can you say that these people were parked illegaly, you were NOT there and are not even familiar with the area. People who were there are telling you that many of those ticketed were in fact parked legaly. Such dispicable hate aginst those who choose to sit and learn because they sit and learn is an indication of your bitter unsatisfatory life. May Hkb”h send you refuas hanefesh very soon.

  14. you must understand the politics behind this, the is one local weekly that is trying to get in the LPD, so they pick a cop who is unpopular, and try to get on his good side. and unfortunately, this has come to new low of give this cop a scoop of where to give tickets, for him to look good for the LPD, and for them to be owed a favor.

  15. People parked in fire lanes? Don’t ticket them – tow them!

    The building at the end of my block burned down – a terrifying sight. Baruch HaShem the people got out in time. But if the fire lanes had been blocked and the fire engines couldn’t have gotten through, we might have lost half the street and maybe some lives.

    Obey those laws – they’re there for a purpose.

  16. You know nothing about my life. Would you like me to tell you a little bit?
    I grew up in a very frum family. I went to the typical Brooklyn, right wing yeshivos. I wasn’t cut out to sit and learn. I didn’t enjoy it too much. So, what did my Rabbeim do? Did they try to encourage me? Were they nice to me? No, I was embarrassed in front of the entire class, numerous times. I complained to my rebbe more than once that kids made fun of me afterwards because of what he said to me during class. He told me that it was my fault for not learning well, and if I learned well, it wouldn’t happen.
    That was when I made up my mind that I never wanted to be a rebbe or a kollel guy. Then, I once said off hand to a rebbe of mine that I planned on going to college. In front of the entire shiur, he told me that I was a shaigetz, adding “because only shegatzim go to college.”
    I switched out of that yeshiva and went to another one, where I did well for a few years. I developed a firm foundation in yiddishkeit. However, the yeshiva began to change. It began moving farther to the right. White shirts were required. Only black velvet yarmulkas were allowed. Then, they brought in a new rosh yeshiva. We didn’t exactly see eye to eye. The yeshiva then got its own Gestapo – the so-called “elter bochurim” who were the “best guys” in the yeshiva. They went into my dorm room, went through my things, and took a bunch of stuff they felt I shouldn’t have in the yeshiva. I always enjoyed reading, and I had some novels. They took them all. I went to the rosh yeshiva and told him about it. he told me I wasn’t allowed to have them in the dorm, and the rule was that if you had them, you forfeited them. He said they were burned.
    I began having a lot of questions. Was this was learning did to you? Made you steal from people? I saw all the time the things which are coming out now – “frum” Jews cheating on taxes. Stealing from other people. Treating other people like garbage. I asked many of the rabbeim there those questions, but never got any real answers. I left the yeshiva after that year and went to college. I even went to Touro, in an attempt to stay in the Jewish world. I enrolled in a small yeshiva for half a day. The rebbe there was no different. Same story all over again. A few months into that school year, I stopped being frum. No kosher, no shabbos, no nothing.
    That lasted for a about a year. Something happened, and I decided to be frum again. Now, I am a frum Jew again. I keep kosher, keep Shabbos, and do everything to the best of my ability. Are there things I still struggle with? Yes, of course. Everyone struggles with something.
    However, I had seen the hypocrisy of many people in the yeshiva system. Yes, I’ve been inside the Lakewood beis medrash. I have family members who are roshei yeshiva. I have many family members (brothers and cousins) who went to Lakewood. I’ve been there many times, believe me. My grandmother once told me “When Yeruchum was a young boy, he stayed by my house many times!” At my cousin’s wedding, R’ Olshin came up to my grandmother while I was talking to her. He greeted her by name, and she called him Yeruchum! That’s how close my family is to his. (My grandmother is very old, and doesn’t mean any disrespect by calling him by his first name – it’s just the way she is.)
    The fact is that some people try to find anti-semitism in everything. Anytime something happens to the frum community, they cry anti-semitism. Well, it’s not. I’ve been to many frum areas when something big is going on, and I can tell you – people park illegally. The police wouldn’t risk giving out that many tickets illegally. It’s too easy to prove, and they’d all lose their jobs and pensions over it.

  17. ANd what ticks me off is how everyone always scream anti semitism about anything police officers do to us. Enough already. Doi you realzie how offiensive calling someone an antisemite in front of someone who actually went through the concentration camps. My granmother will tell you what a anti semite is. How dare you use these words loosely?

    Secondly, I saw amy quotes on Matzav stating “this happens all the time” , all the time, all the time…….

    Anyone with a brain by now would have got a camera and video tape and record this “infractions” by police officers but nobody has yet to do it which tells me most of you are full of baloney about the accusations.

    If half of what anyone said was really true Al Sharpton would even be helping you guy but nobody decided to do soemthing to prove these allegations against “corrupt” police officers?

    Give me a break already with your non sense.

    I constantly see people running stop signs, speeding on local streets, talking on cell phones while driving, parking by hydrants and the same by chasunah halls. (oh , im just running in for a chupah”) what garbage.

    You break the law then you deserve a ticket.

    Im sure some of you will now call me an anti semite to because i am tored of people double parking, blocking, driveways and all the other illegal stuff that goes on.

    I assure you that if you make a kiddish hashem and even if you have to bend over backwards to make one we will all be respected a little more but the way some people act it’s an outright injustice and I don’t see anyone saying anything about the chilul hashem.

  18. We live in a medina shel chessed. If you received a ticket that was wrongly issued, or so you think, contest it. If it was wrongly issued, it will be thrown out. If you parked incorrectly, yes even an inch over, pay your fine and be more careful next time.

  19. Orthowatch, I was crying as I read your story. Your Rabbeim broke every rule of proper chinuch in the book (and many halochos of bein adam l’chaveiro, as well.) It’s not surprising that you went off the derech. I can feel your pain,because I work with Yiddishe kinder experiencing the same pain and embarrassment. I give you a lot of credit for having found your own way back, in spite of all of the uncalled-for abuse which you endured, undeservedly. That shows real gevurah, and I’m impressed. May you continue to be matzliach always.

  20. I have been down those streets and have seen the cars blocking driveways and illegally parked. What makes you think you are above the law? Anyone and everyone who breaks the law, whether it be a motor vehicle violation or a criminal crime should be prosecuted. If you don’t want a ticket, don’t park illegally, don’t go through stop signs or red lights, don’t speed and obey the laws. I obey them and have never had a ticket. Why would you possibly think you shouldn’t get ticketed if you do something wrong?????


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