Police Officer Run Over By Van Carrying Skulener Rebbe zt”l


A police officer was seriously injured after being run over by the van carrying the aron of the Skulener Rebbe.

The accident took place on 14th Avenue and 58th Street in Boro Park. The cop allegedly fell during crowd control and was then had his leg run over. The officer’s condition is unclear.

Another injury took place at the levaya when a drone capturing footage collided into a person’s head.

After a small delay, the aron is currently en route to Monsey, NY, for a levaya and kevura at the Viznitz Bais HaChaim at 3 o’ clock.



  1. the police commissioner called it a minor injury possible ankle fracture ? dont make it sound like he was run over
    its not good but dont make things worse

  2. How did such an accident happen??? For a law enforcement officer to get injured at one of our major gatherings is obviously a terrible Chillul Hashem!! Even a tiny bone fracture is exceedingly painful debilitating.


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