Police: Missing Frum Man from Netanya Still Alive


missing-manPolice have called off the search for 69-year-old Avraham Lemberger from Netanya, an Alzheimer’s patient who has been missing for about 10 days. Nonetheless, officials believe that the missing man is still alive and is in Tel Aviv. However, Lemberger’s son, Nitai, told Ynet today that he is not optimistic, saying that “the situation isn’t looking very good.”The police probe revealed that Lemberger left his home en route to relatives in the town of Modi’in, but never made it there. Investigators were able to locate a taxi driver who dropped him off at the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. However, security cameras at the site showed no evidence that the missing man entered the station.

A search involving police, volunteers, and a helicopter was launched both in Tel Aviv and in Modi’in, but to no avail. Police officials have decided Monday to call off the search.

“We enlisted more than 150 volunteers,” Lemberger’s son told Ynet. “In light of my father’s medical condition we assumed that he could not have gotten more than 20 kilometers away from where he was last seen…we don’t know where else to search.”

“We invested great efforts,” he added. “We will also try to locate dad at synagogues or among the ultra-Orthodox public.”

Meanwhile, officials are seeking the public’s help and have urged anyone with information about Lemberger to contact police at the 100 call center.

{Ynet/Matzav.com Newscenter}


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