Police in New York Favor Whites, Poll Says


 nypdA significant majority of New Yorkers say the Police Department favors whites over blacks, according to a new poll by The New York Times.

That view, as widespread now as it was in 2001 during the administration of Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, is particularly prevalent among black New Yorkers, 80 percent of whom say the police favor one race over the other. A plurality of white residents – 48 percent – agree.

Concern about police favoritism comes at a time of intensified scrutiny of the department’s extensive practice of stopping, questioning and, in many instances, frisking people on the city’s streets. Last year, the police made nearly 700,000 stops; about 85 percent of the stops involved blacks or Hispanics.

Read the report from THE NEW YORK TIMES.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. why don’t people analyze the statistics of crime committed by black people before they criticize the police? oh wait, that wouldn’t be politically correct.

  2. Whites commit most of the crimes in the US. Its just not acknowledged. The media makes everyone believe that blacks commit the most crimes. But in reality, there are more white serial killers then they are black.


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