Police Fatally Shoot Man Wielding Screwdriver in NYC


Police in New York fatally shot a man who was threatening his mother with a screwdriver early this morning, authorities said.

Officers responded to the home in Queens at around 3:30 a.m. after a 911 caller reported hearing a woman scream, “He’s going to kill me!” They arrived to find a man holding his mother and threatening her with a screwdriver, Chief of Patrol Terence Monahan said in an early morning press conference. “It’s a dangerous weapon. A screwdriver, you can be stabbed with, the same as you can be stabbed with a knife,” Monahan said. Police reportedly rushed the man to free his mother, resulting in a struggle during which he ignored orders to drop the screwdriver. Police then shot him after a stun gun failed to subdue him, Monahan said. The man was rushed to a hospital but later pronounced dead. His identity has not yet been released. Read more at the NY DAILY NEWS.



  1. A screwdriver is dangerous?! Not according to John Kerry! If a peace loving Palestinian tries to stab an Israeli with one, he must not give any resistance. He must allow himself to be stabbed. We can not allow such a provocative act such as self defense. That will only inflame them more.

  2. When an Arab in Yerushalayim uses a sscrewdriver to attack a Jew that is not considered a dangerous weapon, but here the police officer has the Sechoel to call a spade a spade.


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