Police Arrest Nine During Anti-Draft Protest


Police arrested nine demonstrators during a protest Thursday evening.

Police said the rioters were arrested for blocking major roadways in the city of Bnei Brak and for refusing to heed police instructions ordering them to disperse.

Due to the protest, Hashomer Street was blocked from Hayarden Street to Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky Street was also closed from Rabbi Shach Street to the east. Police diverted traffic from Jabotinsky Street to the Ayalon Mall,

The protests were to demand the freedom of Yisrael Meir Elyashiv, who was arrested in Modiin Illit last Thursday for refusing to show up at the IDF’s recruitment center.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. “Rioters?” RIOTERS??? Sorry but, whether you agree with them or not, this was a PEACEFUL protest. The only violence I see was perpetrated by the police.

  2. These holy protests b”H always end up with the release of the Yeshiva boys within 24-48 hours who were illegally arrested for refusing to join the shmad army while learning Torah and protecting the country. On the other hand, 50% of secular draft dodgers who are not protecting the country in any which way are never arrested for draft dodging.

  3. עידן חדש בציבור החרדי – ברוך המקדש שמו ברבים‎ – ה….. יוסי דייטש מגלה שאלפי חסידים קדושים יראים ושלמים היחליטו להפסיק ללכת לבחירות במדינת ישראל בתורת קנאות – ברוך המקדש שמו ברבים. אמן!!!‎ “יהודי לא מצביע” ו”תורתנו הקדושה אוסרת להשתתף בבחירות” זה פשוט במקומות כמו מאה שערים, בית שמש, אנשי מעשה, ויראי השם וכו’ – אין בחירות לעולם ועד במדינת ישראל, ו”ש”ס ודגל התורה [יענקושי שר”י] מסיתים ומדיחים”


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