Police Arrest Nearly Two Dozen Kavanaugh Protesters


Nearly two dozen protesters opposing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were arrested on Thursday, as activists occupied the offices of key Republican senators.

Twenty three protestors were removed from the Dirksen Senate Office Building, where they were protesting at Sen. Bob Corker’s (R-Tenn.) office, for unlawful demonstration activities.

They are being charged under a D.C. law that forbids protesters from crowding and obstructing hallways and passageways, according to a spokeswoman for the Capitol Police.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. were are the counter protestors…thats the only way we will preserve our freedoms…if the anarchists will know that they will face stiff oppositions.

    • Pathetic are the judges who give a hoot about such a claim when this 50+ year old woman was perfectly fine with it since high school – if it at all happened – most likely she got well paid from Soros for this lie, like the rest of them who admitted after slandering President Trump.

  2. if all our senators and representatives were brought up on charges of stupid things they may or may not have done in their teens, congress would be empty

  3. ah yid – who said that he even did it in high school? Why did this allegation never ever come up until now? I don’t believe it at all!


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