Podesta: Russia Behind Email Hacks, Wanted Trump As Its White House ‘Lap Dog’


John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, suggested todaythat Russian President Vladimir Putin was indeed “personally involved” in the election email hacks because Russia wanted Donald Trump as its “lap dog” in the White House.

“Russia clearly intervened,” Podesta said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” in a series of carefully worded responses about who was behind the hacked emails and the impact of them on Clinton’s losing campaign.





  1. So here is what we have so far:
    1) The DNC broke the law and behaved in a shameful way.
    2) The Russians hacked the DNC and let the American people know of the DNC’s shenanigans.
    3) The CIA who is suppose to protect US from Russian hacking among other threats, failed miserably.
    All this proves is how miserable the security situation is after 8 years of Democrats in the helm.
    So how does this show anything negative about Trump?

  2. Dems call the President elect a dog all day long. If anyone so much mentions ape monkey or chimpanzee just once regarding any of the Obamas all fury is released upon them. Just ask the female West Virginia official who was only reinstated this week after complaining about Michelle obamas temper and was vilified for using the word ape to describe it.

  3. At an earlier Matzav posting about this issue at http://matzav.com/rush-limbaugh-no-proof-russians-were-behind-election-hacking/, I pasted the links to two articles from the NaturalNews.com web site that show that this entire story of Russia supposedly “hacking” the election is really just a huge fabrication. Please see a further video from the web site’s director at http://naturalnews.com/2016-12-18-why-the-russian-hack-election-conspiracy-is-complete-political-buffoonery-video.html, wherein (among other items) he shows clear evidence that the only hacking that did occur was that, that was done by one of the operatives of THE DNC ITSELF!! He was severely abhorred at the immense fiendish manipulations that were being committed by the people in power at the Democrat Party; therefore, he hacked some of their behind-the-scenes emails and leaked them through Wiki Links to try to publicly expose some of the terrible wickedness of the party.


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