Podesta Reassures Us: “Hillary Clinton’s Not Running For President In 2020”


Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager John Podesta on Tuesday beat back reports that she’s mulling a presidential run in 2020.

“I think this is media catnip,” Podesta said on CNN Tuesday night. “I take her at her word. She’s not running for president.”

“I love her. I wish she was president … she would’ve been a great president, but she says she’s not running for president,” Podesta added on Tuesday.

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  1. Gateway Pundit) – Political consultant Roger Stone joined Sean Hannity on Monday night before his court hearing on Tuesday.
    Roger says Robert Mueller thinks he will remove President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and more Nancy Pelosi into the White House.
    Roger Stone: I’m targeted here because they want to silence me. I’m 66-years-old. I support the Second Amendment but don’t own a firearm… I can’t swim even though they had two amphibious units planted behind my house… I’m not going to testify against him because I have no negative information on Trump… I honestly believe they are going to try to charge the president and vice president with some hoked-up frame of Russian collusion. That way they can make Nancy Pelosi president. She can make Hillary Clinton Vice President and then step aside.

  2. Thank you President Trump for fulfilling your campaign promise of draining the swamp.
    And thank you Matzav for fakestream’s rehashed reports and indirectly sharing with us the names of the criminal elites being drained. We’ve learned about quite a few individuals who are unavailable for almost 2 months now. Keep it up.

  3. How can Hillary run for President if she hasn’t been around for about 2 months now as she’s obviously part of the swamp being drained?

  4. You are a figment of my imagination, conjured up by a particularly overspiced burrito I had the misfortune of encountering last night.

  5. From all these wild crazy alt left liberal progressives running on the Democrat line, Hillary is clearly head and shoulders above them. She, like her husband, is more of a centrist. The only thing is, I don’t think she has the good health and stamina that one needs to be President these days. I hated Bill Clinton for most of his policies, but I liked the fact that he signed DOMA into law. I also liked his don’t ask don’t tell policy in the military. Not much else. I think Hillary would of been good with the Frum community. She could of easily been bought off.

    • Happy dreaming. She’s nowhere close to running for anything, let alone for President. When was the last time you saw them in public?

    • In another few weeks (hopefully earlier) we’ll find out if there are any of these liberal progressives running on the Democrat line reported here recently, available to run.

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