PM Netanyahu Takes A Shabbos Stroll In Vilna



  1. What shabbos walk
    Why is he not dressed shabbosdig
    No white shirt but jeans
    Where is his yarmulka hat and jacket
    And his wife wearing pants and no sheitel. Not good.

    • If he allows the Chareidim to stay in the Bais Medrash and not be forced into the IDF, okay so nu, we’ll look the other way. But if he is going to force Yeshiva bachurim and yungerliet to close their Gemorah’s, then we must be mocheh this shtick taavanik.

  2. so then you shouldnt judge the guy [anonymous] for judging bibi !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if ur not judging him, then dont tell him what or what not to do !!!!!

  3. Huh?
    Where in the torah does it say that shabbos begadim have to be white shirt and black pants and a shtreimel? Maybe he is wearing his special shabbos begadim. You people are megaleh ponim batorah.

  4. Mr. & Mrs. Bibi went for a walk in the old Jewish ghetto of Vilna area. Exploring the Jewish history of it.

    He gets credit for doing something Jewish instead of working or going to movies, theater, opera, etc.

    Shame on those people posting foolish attacks here who didn’t get the idea.


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