PM Netanyahu and His Wife Light Memorial Candle at Kever of the Vilna Goan


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu arrived in Vilnius/Vilna on Thursday for a meeting with the leaders of the three Baltic states as part of his effort to create sub-alliances inside the EU to counteract what he views as often unfair treatment of Israel from Brussels.

This is the first-ever visit by an Israeli prime minister to Lithuania, which prior to the Holocaust was home one of the world’s largest and most influential Jewish communities.

Netanyahu, as part of his trip, visited the kever of the Vilna Gaon, as seen in the video below:



  1. If the Vilna Gaon was alive today, he would tell you to leave the Bnei Torah alone. Don’t force them to close their Gemorah’s and join an army which is foreign to God. Please honor Rabbi Kramer’s wishes.

  2. The kever here is not the original kever of the GR”A.

    The Gaon was originally interred in the old Vilna cemetery in Shnipishok, before his remains were moved when the cemetery was desecrated during the Soviet period. Now the old cemetery is threated with further desecration by another building project on its grounds.

    See more info at


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