PLO Tehran Envoy: We Will Liberate Palestine ‘From the River to the Sea’ With Stabbing, Ramming and Rocket Attacks


By BB Portnoy

All tactics to combat Israel are justifiable, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Tehran envoy declared this week.

In a interview published by Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar newspaper on Wednesday — excerpts of which were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute — Salah al-Zawawi said, “Everyone should fight in their own way, from carrying out stabbing and vehicular attacks to launching rockets. That is how we will liberate Palestine from the river to the sea.”

“Everyone should contribute from where they are, using the means at their disposal and in accordance with their various situations,” he continued. “All means of combat are legitimate in order to realize Allah’s promise for liberation: From [the traditional dance] Dabke to armed struggle.”

Furthermore, al-Zawawi stated, the Oslo Accords — the interim agreements signed by Israel and the PLO in the 1990s that were meant to lead to a comprehensive peace deal — are “bankrupt.”

“US President Donald Trump is the Zionist face of this enterprise,” he went on to say. “Additionally, the futility of dialogue with the enemy is now becoming clear.”

Last week, as reported by The Algemeiner, Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said the Palestinian issue unifies the Islamic world and “liberating Quds (Jerusalem) and destroying the Zionist tumor is the main duty of Muslims.”

A day earlier, Iranian President Hassan Rouhan — touted by many in the West as a “moderate” — hailed the “tireless resistance” of the Palestinians against Israel, saying that “intifada” was the “sole choice by a noble nation to stay and not give up.”

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    • IMO, most of those who “favor negotiations” are acting in bad faith, with the intent of just using the lack of meaningful negotiations and progress as a cudgel to beat Israel with on the world stage. The few rose-colored-glasses wearers who sincerely expect good faith negotiations between the P.A. and Israel don’t grasp that it’s akin to asking a wolf and lamb to negotiate over the dinner menu.


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