Tefillos: Two Bochurim Critically Injured In Car Crash In Israel


A car accident in Israel has left two American chassidish bochurim critically injured.

The head on collision between two vehicles took place on Highway 1. Magen David Edom rushed to the scene and two of the victims, both bochurim from Williamsburg returning fro Meron, were helicoptered to the hospital in Yerushalayim. All are asked to please daven for:

יצחק אייזיק בן שרה אסתר
אשר זעליג חיים בן רחל


  1. Don’t quite understand why there are only tefillot for the American bochrim. Are the other people hurt chopped liver? Lo nachon!!!

    • It’s very possible the families of the others have not released their names to the public.
      Why are you jumping to conclusions?
      Don’t tell me you seriously think this is some kind of deliberate act of discrimination!

  2. We need to reflect on why the article title mentions only the injured bochrim and doesn’t instead refer to the collective injured group.


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