Pizza Being Sold for $5 a Slice in Brooklyn


pizzaIt’s a legendary slice, at a legendary price.

The crowds at Brooklyn’s Di Fara Pizza are now paying more for their pizza pleasure. Owner Domenico DeMarco has raised the price of a cheese slice to $5. A whole round pie is now $25.

DeMarco says he uses the best ingredients. The flour, olive oil, tomatoes and, of course, the cheese all come from Italy.

The 72-year-old makes every single pizza that comes out of the eatery. People endure long waits to get a slice.

{wcbs880/ Newscenter}


  1. Da truth is that the only reason why the goyim thinks so that this is being the best pizza is because they never was tasting the fried onion pizza by mendelson’s pizza on 18th ave. Anybod what ever tasted that pizza knows that its the best anywhere. Lets keep it our secret, or else the lines will be out the door and it will be bitul toirah to be buying it.


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