Pittsburgh Sports Teams Pay Tribute To Synagogue Shooting Victims


The Pittsburgh Steelers observed a moment of silence before Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field, which is approximately seven miles west of the Tree of Life Synagogue, where a gunman killed eight men and three women during services.

In a tribute to the victims, one activist tweaked the Steelers’ distinctive logo by adding a yellow shape into a Star of David and added the words “Stronger than hate.”

Also taking part in supporting their town tragedy, the Pittsburgh Penguins announced the team would host a blood drive on Monday and collect donations from fans attending Tuesday’s home game against the New York Islanders. A moment of silence will be held before the game and the team announced that the previously planned Halloween theme for the game would be canceled.

The club also announced that the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation would donate $25,000 to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and another $25,000 to establish a benefit fund with the city’s Department of Public Safety for the four Pittsburgh police officers injured in Saturday’s shooting.

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  1. The Pittsburgh Penguins are to be commended for their sensitivity.

    However, let’s not forget something:

    The Penguins original team colors were white and blue.

    Then, out of nowhere, several years ago, they changed their team colors to black and gold, effectively stealing those colors from another one of the “Original Six” National Hockey League teams.

    • I was a much better player than Wayne Gretzky. He racked up all his points while he was surrounded by some of the best players at that time. Look at his teammates with the Oilers. I was pretty much on my own. Yes he was good but let’s not exaggerate.

  2. While I respect both of your comments, Mario and Wayne, it is a widely-accepted belief amongst long-time hockey fans that it is I who was the greatest player to ever lace on a pair of hockey skates. Being the first ever “offensive” defenseman in the NHL, I totally changed every aspect of our great game. By the way, if either of you is ever in Boston, give me a call, I’d love to get together again over a Sam Adams.

    • Orr, Gretzky, Lemieux: All of you played in a watered-down version of the National Hockey League, which has expanded from 6 teams to 31 teams, greatly reducing the talent level of your opponents.

      My uncle, the great Maurice “The Rocket” Richard played in the era of just 6 teams, representing the best 150 or so hockey players in the world. He faced all-world goaltenders such as Johnny Bowers, Gump Worsley, Glenn Hall, and Terry Sawchuck. Although my uncle, The Rocket, was the first player to score 50 goals in just 50 games, only G-d knows how many goals he would have scored against today’s reduced-talent NHL defenders.

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