Pidyon Shvuyim: Sign Petition to Free Yanky Ostreicher


yaakov-ostreicherThe following petition has been submitted to the White House. You may sign the petition by clicking on the link below.

The text reads:


Exercise the powers vested in you to see to it that Jacob Ostreicher, a US citizen, is freed from Bolivia.

Jacob Ostreicher, an American, has been suffering in a Bolivian prison for more than 11 months. He is being held without a shred of evidence.

On 09/23/2011, the judge ordered his release based on evidence submitted by the defense, just days later the same judge reversed his decision and was promoted. A new judge resigned after 5 scheduled hearings.

We expect that in times of need, our government will be serious about, adamant enough, and powerful enough, to provide its citizens protection and asylum.

In your capacity as President of the U.S., we urge you to exercise the powers vested in you, to see to it that Jacob does not spend another day in this anarchic prison

With all avenues having been exhausted, it is up to you, Mr. President to make sure an innocent man walks free.

Click here to sign the petition.

Click here to read the recent ABC News report about Yanky’s incarceration.

All are asked to keep davening for Yanky.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Who is this “We?” Until the Gedolei HaDor Shlita approve of such an action, I will have no part in this.

  2. mr you sound very foolish if you ask me you are being over on loi samod al dam raiachah if you do NOT sing this

  3. #1 should we do the same for you if you were in that situation? Please forward this article to as many people as possible. They still need alot more signatures.

  4. #1

    Though no statement has come out yet, I would not be surprised if they would be against freeing a Yid in a hostile country.

  5. Complaining to the White House won’t help. The Bolivians could care less about what we think. If some community leaders approached the governments of Brazil and Argentina, who are Bolivia’s biggest trading partners and neighbors, and asked for the case to be honestly reviewed, then we might get somewhere.

    THE US DOES NOT RUN THE WORLD. We’ve got to get that through our heads before we can do politics outside the US in a way that will work, and not just make us feel good.

  6. Please post what is Mr. Ostreicher’s Jewish name and his mother’s name so that we can be Mispallel for him. Thanks.

  7. Please, everyone, sign the petition and forward to as many people as possible. It’s only up to 10,000 signatures and another 15,000 signatures are needed.

    Go to, sign the petition and contact all the politicians listed on that website.

    Everyone please davwen for Yaakov Yehuda ben Shaindel, he should come home fast and safe.

  8. I never heard the name of Yaakov Yehuda ben Shaindel or Jacob Ostreicher. What did he do in Bolivia

    It is doubtful that Obama will get involved i


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