Photos: Yidden Vacationing in Miami (Photos: Hershy Rubinstein)



  1. Wow. Thank you for posting. The Verdaner Rav, Rabbi Leifer shlita, should be maarich yomim vishanim. I daven frequently in his Shul, on the corner of Avenue N and East 9th. As someone who was in Auschwitz as a young boy and yet to be always with such a simcha, is something to behold. A truly special holy Yid from amoligeh tzeitin. I would highly recommend, for anyone who was never zoche to meet or observe him, to stop in to his Shteeble for any Teffila. You won’t regret it.

    • Nice to know you have an ax to grind, on this post and previous one about Obama that I responded to as well. Why don’t you check your heart, it seems a little biased, angry and hurt somewhere in there. …


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