Photos: Yeshivas Doresh Visits the Tosher Rebbe and the Kaliver Rebbe in Florida


doresh-tosh-41[Photo link below.] These last two weeks were a very fulfilling time for Yeshivas Doresh of Highland Lakes. One evening, the bachurim and their Rosh Yeshivah, Rabbi Mordechai Salfer, visited the Kaliver Rebbe shlita, who came for the sole purpose of imparting chizuk to Yidden. The Rebbe spoke individually to each of the boys, receiving a kvitel from each, giving them chizuk, and instilling them the desire to keep on working towards their goal of knowing all Taryag Mitzvos by the end of the year. One bachur related that he was so amazed that as soon as the Rebbe met him, he knew instantly in which area he needed chizuk.

The Kaliver Rebbe advised all the bachurim to learn a couple of blatt Gemara and review them till they know them perfectly.

After all the bachurim met with the Rebbe, the Rosh Yeshivah spoke to the Rebbe for a while, and almost the whole time the Rebbe was crying. One bachur related that from such an experience, one should learn how to feel concern for his peers.  On the way back to the Yeshivah some of the bachurim were so inspired, that they expressed the desire to meet the Rebbe again on their projected New York trip.

Thursday afternoon it was confirmed we would visit the Tosher Rebbe, shlita, which would prove to be a remarkable experience. The yeshivah’s talmidim, along with some local askanim and other community members, together made their way to the house were the Rebbe was staying. When they arrived the gabbaim graciously invited everyone in, showing the bachurim into the beis medrash. The gabbai called over the Rosh Yeshivah to write a kvittel for each of the bachurim. The bachurim went into the Rebbe, one at a time, after a few minutes’ wait.

The Rebbe asked the Gabbai to bring in one bachur at a time, so he could concentrate on the individual needs of each. When the Rabbi Salfer entered the Rebbe’s room the Rebbe’s eyes opened wide, which shocked the gabbaim who said that that was very unusual for the Rebbe. The Rebbe took the Rosh Yeshivah’s kvittel and placed it in the inside pocket of his bekishe. When the gabbai offered to hold it after the Rebbe reads it, as he does with the others, he replied, “No, it stays here.”
One of the askanim had just had a baby boy, and he wanted to bring the newly born baby to get a brachah from the Rebbe. Everything is bashert, that day was the baby’s Pidyon Haben. Again as soon as the Rebbe saw the child he opened his eyes wide, and as soon as the Rebbe did that the baby woke up and stayed awake until the Rebbe had finished giving the brachah, but right afterwards the baby fell right back asleep. The gabbai told the group that this little baby would be someone remarkable, from what the Rebbe said to him.

On the way back to the yeshivah everyone was speechless; no one could find the words to describe the experience. The Rosh Yeshivah was inspired to relate that in Shamayim there is a map that shows the location of all Torah and kedushah is; if they resolve to so,  the talmidim can take the inspiration they gleaned from seeing great tzaddikim and use the opportunity to form their own dot, which has the potential to be quite impressive.

One askan was so inspired by the experience that he invited the yeshivah over to his home that same evening for a kumzitz, which lasted till midnight.

Yeshivas Doresh of Highland Lakes is for learning-challenged mesivta-age bachurim who have difficulty with kriah or havanah. The school replicates the typical yeshivah setting, with the usual daily schedule and limudim in Gemara and halachah along with additional subjects, employing unique teaching methods and hands-on learning.

Yeshivas Doresh is now accepting applications for there fifth year. Call 216-233-0065 for more information.

To view photos of Yeshivas Doresh’s visit with the Tosher Rebbe, click here.

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