Photos: White Lake Bais Medrash to Receive its First Sefer Torah


white-lake-rav-fishbane-4[Photos below.] The White Lake Beis Medrash is a welcoming shul in White Lake, NY, in the Town of Bethel.  It is the only year-round shul in Bethel. The shul has been open since 1975 under the leadership of Rav Shmuel Yosef Fishbain, who was close with many of the gedolim of the past generation and remains close with the gedolim of today.

The nusach of the shul is Nusach Sefard. The shul, which is one of only about 10 or so year-round batei medrash in Sullivan county, recently welcomed, for the first time in its 37 year history, its first brand-new Sefer Torah, and the first Sefer Torah to belong to the shul.

At a recent ceremony leading up to the completion and dedication of the Sefer Torah, the atzei chaim were sewn on to the parchment and some of the final letters were written.

Over the next few weeks, additional letter-writing events will be held. A grand hachnosas Sefer Torah is slated to be held in August.

At the recent ceremony, which also served as a welcoming event for the shul‘s summer residents, a truck and a chupah were procured for the simcha like at a standard hachnosas Sefer Torah.

The White Lake Bais Medrash has minyanim and shiurim all year long, open to the entire community.  The shul is located at 137 Lake Street, off of Route 55, in Bethel/White Lake, NY.

To contribute to this special Sefer Torah, contact Rav Fishbain at 845.583.7374.

For photos of the event, see below:


{Casriel Newscenter/Photos by Rabbi Tsemach Glenn}


  1. Tzaddikim say you can see a face of a rebbe in the talmid – Rav Fishbain shlita did learn in Telz, along with Torah Vodaath and Netzach Yisroel, where he was a RoM. Recently videos of his divrei torah have been placed on you tube – they are worth seeing


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