Photos, Video: Unlicensed Driver Smashes Wedding Car into Takeout Store in Geulah, Yerushalayim



  1. Awful news ! This is a wonderful takeout store. Their fish, stuffed peppers, chickpeas and blintzes are all wonderful. I have used them for over 15 years. The staff are great people. I hope everyone is safe.

    • Please be da’an l’chaf szus.

      It is very possible [probable] that these fine young buckers have been in the Bais HaMedrash shteiging all day and evening, and now they are just “unwinding” before going to bed.

  2. I have a driver’s license in America but, I have never driven in Geula. It’s hard enough to drive there even if you know how to drive. Why would someone without a license even try to drive there. Was he drunk?

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