Photos: Travelers Heading To The Catskills Enjoying The New “Snaxit” Kosher Convenience Store On Route 4 After The George Washington Bridge (JDN)



  1. Yes, this is the first and only Frum Kosher place that everything is strictly kosher so why cheat on Chalov Akim when you can impress Hashem in chodish Elul… how about that??? maybe if you will eat only kosher – that will bring you closer to observe the Shabath

  2. 5,

    Cholov Akum is asur l’chol ha’dayos. If you mean cholov stamm, we don’t think we’re cheating in any way. The products are FAR AND AWAY SUPERIOR to anything C’Y. It’s a shanda and ah bisha that CY companies continue to serve up stuff that is on par with cow dung.

  3. CS Ri

    Interesting, I work for a restaurant with many Non-Jewish costumers, I never ever got any comments from any of them – actually they trust our products from cow injected hormones to produce non natural milk… Do Teshuva and stop making the frum Jews look like they are missing out in life.


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