Tourists at the Kosel Today Mistaken Washing Cups for Drinking Cups


washing-2 washing-3


  1. This is funny.
    Solution: Put up a sign in many languages saying that the cups are for hand washing only and not for drinking.
    Not too complicated really.

  2. Why didn’t anyone say anything?

    Not such a kiddish Hashem to take pictures and laugh, instead of politely inform them of their mistake.

  3. I’m so sad to see this posted. If I were in there shoes, I would be embarrassed to know that took this picture, posted it and laughed.

  4. maybe they should open up a food and drink cart at the kotel for tourists. or a buffet table with cups and water,soda,juice and snacks. like a Kiddush. good idea

  5. The nations of the world come and pay respect to the holiest site and this is the treatment they get? I am appalled that this was posted. Show respect and treat others how you would want to be treated if the tables were turned.

  6. We are busy screaming how the goyim of Telz wanted the bachurim to walk on their fields so it should be blessed.
    Now they are coming to the kosel and think that it`s segula to imbibe some water.
    Do you think that they enjoyed it?
    I wonder if when the Mirrer yeshiva was in Kobe they also took pictures and make fun of them.
    Kleiner menchen people make fun of people


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