Photos: This Week At The Woodbourne Shul, Led By Rav Mordechai Jungreis of Nikolsburg



  1. Is there a sign at the shtiebel warning people that their photos might be taken and used for publicity, advertising, fund raising purposes?

  2. Why can’t this be a daily feature?

    Why is it only once a week?

    How can people go a week without seeing more photos of the Rebbe???

  3. I noticed two signs in a photo like 60% down saying

    1) No תחנון by מנחה


    2) No תחנון on Friday

    If it is “Klal Yisroel’s Shul”, why is the Rebbe forcing his own customs on everyone else?

  4. Lemaaseh, the Shul, led by the Rebbe, is reminiscent of amoligeh tzieten in regards of the tremendous hachnasas orchim. There is Teffila, Torah, food, chesed, a place to rest & relax, cool off, hear a good word, get a bracha & chizuk, etc… Kol hakavod.
    The only problem I have, is that it’s a tremendous chutzpah and Chillul Hashem to daven Shachris at 11:00 and later! There is NO excuse! Don’t give me this “dan licaf zchus” garbage! They are posheya, plain & simple! Going to sleep at 3:00 in the morning is NOT an excuse! Enough already.

  5. יומא ט ע"ב" מקדש שני... מפני מה חרב? מפני שהייתה בו שנאת חינם

    I shouldn’t preach because I am far from perfect
    Live according to your השקפות, don’t judge your fellow Jew
    Keep in mind the three weeks and
    שנאת חינם
    Don’t bad-mouth people coming to Shul to Daven Shachris at 11:00Am
    Work a little bit on your
    אהבת ישראל-בין אדם לחבירו

    • Typical knee-jerk reaction to those that choose NOT to follow Halacha. Can’t take any mussar. Ahavat Yitrael. Where is YOUR Ahavat Yitrael? How dare YOU give tochacha? Show some Ahavat Yitrael.

    • I’m not a rov so I’m not going to paskin if your allowed or not but I’ll tell you two stories where I saw someone I know going to daven at 1130 am. A friends car was stolen and when he finally finished what he thought would be a few minutes he went to daven. Someone’s wife had a baby an 1130 minyin was very helpful. I’m sure you can think of many other scenarios where someone is an onus and has to daven late.

  6. Ahavas Yisroel does not mean turning a blind eye on acts done she’lo k’halachah. I absolutely must love all Yidden regardless of their level of Torah observance. I certainly must act respectfully of all Yidden regardless of their level of Torah observance. But to FACILITATE doing against the halachah is not ahavah. In fact it’s CRUEL/achzoriyus of the highest degree.

  7. You are the example of the kind of self-absorbed person we all deal with. You are so wrapped up in your own needs that you never notice or respect other people

    While I started my post saying that I shouldn’t preach because I am not perfect
    The Halacha regarding סוף זמן קריאת שמע סוף זמן תפילה is clear to all
    However saying
    “FACILITATE doing against the halachah is not ahavah. In fact it’s CRUEL/achzoriyus of the highest degree”
    It’s absolutely wrong to besmirch a group of people for whatever their reasons coming to Shul Daven to Shachris at 11:00Am!
    I stand with my previous statement
    Work a little bit on your
    אהבת ישראל-בין אדם לחבירו
    Don’t judge your fellow Jew!

  8. You never know,you never know
    Why people end up davening late.
    Sometimes people have a constepation problem and can’t have a normal bowel movement and were not allowed halachikly to daven with tfillin in time.
    They could of had a sick child or wife and could not get to davening on time.
    You never know my friends. You never know.
    This Shul with its rabbi remind me of reb shayala from kerestir. He ran a similar operation. Could you imagine in a hundred years people flocking to the Woodburn Shul like they do today to kerestir. Say what you want. Today’s generation is very special. Every yid is a diamond. There is more unity today even though we are a lower generation than 40 years ago. Today everyone mixes with everyone. Satmar lubavitch Lakewood Belz Breslev ger Skver klausenberg. We saw when rubashkin came out a little glimpse how all of us danced. It did not matter who you are. When mossiach arrives everyone will hold hands and dance on the streets together.

  9. I’m a Hatzolaoh member just came back from a 2 hour call, would you judge me for Davening at 11:00 ?
    2. What the about the 2 other members on the call ?

    3. What about the father that may get home at 5:00 in the morning ?

    4. I know a person In my shul that his wife has mental issues so he has to take care of all his kids and send them off to school and Cheder!
    5. The list does not end !!!
    I have no words to describe your loose tung !!
    Thank Hashem You don’t understand how a person can Daven at 11:00 !! You need some fixing my friend .

    • Yes, there are yichidim, but when you see the same people davening at these late shachris minyanim day after day after day, and it becomes a lichatchila instead of a bidieved, it does lead one to wonder if these people have any responsibilities at all. They never seem to be in any rush at all. What do they do after 12:00 Shachris?


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