Video, Photos: Sukkos Preparations in Yerushalayim


daled-minim-sukkos[Video and photos below.] With Sukkos beginning tonight, the excitement can be felt in the streets of chareidi communities across the globe, but nowhere is the Yom Tov atmosphere as special as in Yerushalayim Ihr Hakodesh, where the Sukkos spirit is almost tangible. The streets are filled with people soaking in the special ruach and buying Daled Minim and other last-minute Sukkos necessities. Special stalls are set up for the selling of Daled Minim and other items, with vendors hawking their wares to passersby.

Click here for video.

Below is a gallery of photos that captures the spirit of the Holy City at this time of year:

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{ Israel News Bureau}



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