Photos: Sukkos 5778 with Rabbi Eliezer Berland (JDN)



    • And why do you have to believe everything the media says? Are you so gullible? Do you know that over 70% innocent Jews are languishing in Israeli prisons – most of which have “admitted” after being beaten up almost to death?

  1. If you don’t like him don’t look at the pictures. Apparently 1,000’s of Jews respect him as seen in the pictures despite what the Zionist courts say. Just wondering, what’s with the scarf talis? Isn’t that like a conservative type of thing?

  2. “Not allowed to believe” is a very dangerous order. You sound like a reasonable person, so I hope you understand why such an order is dangerous. It is sad that when it is one of our own that is accused of horrific things we stick our head in the sand. Would you look at photos of Harvey Weinstein or are you “not allowed to believe” that either? Hey, he’s also a Jew, but I guess if he doesn’t have a white beard he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt.


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