Photos: Dozen Injured as Sukkah Porch Collapses in Monsey, NY


Some twelve people were injured after a porch bearing a sukkah in Monsey, NY, collapsed on Wednesday.

About 100 people were in the sukkah for a Simchas Bais Hashoeivah when the porch fell to the ground.

Hatzalah responded in short order, treating over a dozen people.

“It’s an absolute neis that there weren’t more serious injuries and that more people weren’t hurt,” a Hatzalah volunteer told


  1. It was a Le’chaim for the engagement of the daughter of the Sukka owner.
    About 7 ppl were taken into the hospital with minor injuries, with many more treated on scene.

  2. what king of portch you ask…it probably a regular portch made for a reg family…10 ,15 etc humans ,not for 100 probably dancing too …this was probably ‘poshayah’

    • How judgmental, accusing and wrong.
      The Sukkah was built on a newish porch, that was built “according to code”, with strong supports, Ledger properly secured with nuts and bolts to strong structure that was not rotting.
      That’s according to a licensed home inspector on scene, (as you’ll probably not take my word for it).
      Anyone who saw the porch, or has just a litttle seichel knows that the number 100 is a gross exaggeration.
      Mistakes happen, tragedies happen, it was a unfortunate incident.
      But where has הוי דן את כל האדם לכף זכות gone? And especially when it comes to our own.
      Don’t you want to be judged favorably??

      • OK, but can you advise why this happened. What can be done in the future to prevent such things. Maybe we Yidden need a special ‘code’ – for extra strong usage!

    • Certainly, but they said an expert there said everything was according to code. The question is what can we do in the future to event this. TY

  3. How unfortunate to have our own come out in such a judgmental and accusing manner.
    The porch was built according to code, and properly enforced with bolts nuts and anchors, and not simply nailed to yhe wall.
    I saw it myself, and this was also confirmed by a local home inspector that was also on scene.
    Seems to me like all the extreme politics were seeing in the country is spilling over to our community, people please!!

    • More than Brooklyn?! Who are you to know who does more chesed? What an asinine comment.
      While we’re at it:
      Why did it rain non-stop in Lakewood both of the first 2 nights of Succos but NOT in Brooklyn?! Raining on Succos is a bad thing. There is no way to spin that.

      • BTW, there was plenty of time to make a leisheiv in Lakewood on the first night – just some people are scared of a few drops. Ask YLOR for more info!

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