Photos: Stunning Shabbos Hisvaadus of Chassidei Vizhnitz Bnei Brak in Dnipro, Ukraine, with the Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Rav Menachem Mendel Hager (JDN)



  1. This was a special Shabbos for askanim and fundraisers of the Hasidic group. As other Hasidic groups do, they have a special VIP getaway with the Rebbe as an incentive/reward.

    What connection does Vizhnitz have with Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk)? Answer: Basically none, as far as I know. They did not originate in that area.

    However, Dnepropetrosvk has a Lubavitcher shliach, by the name of Shmuel Kamenetsky, who has, with the help of some local Jews who became wealthy after the collapse of communism, built a giant Jewish community center there. It is there, at the Menora center, that Vizhnitz visited.

    The Rebbe Reb Mendel of Vizhnitz has had close connections with Lubavitch previously. He has spent periods of time in Crown Heights for example.

    Lubavitch is happy to host Vizhnitz as it brings them publicity, etc., and brings other Chasidim to the area (the local Jews are not Hasidic in that way).

    Prices in Ukraine are very cheap relatively, so to make such an event there is not such a great financial undertaking, as compared to if it would be, for example, in Western Europe.

    More details can be seen at

  2. The Lubavitcher shliach seen in the photos is Shmuel Kamenetsky (not the Rosh Yeshiva of Philadelphia, shlit”a lehavdil, but a Lubavitcher with the same name), who is behind the whole thing. Other Lubavitchers seen in the photos are members of his family, or of his congregation.

    • LeHavdil? Why is he a Galach? He’s the Mara DeAsra of Ukraine, and has brought some many to Torah and Mitzvos. It’s absolutely not appropriate to use LeHavdil, and I think Rav Kamenetzky of Philly would agree.

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