Photos: Students from Talmud Torah Sanz-Klausenberg Visiting the Mefoar Judaica Headquarters, Where They Watched the Production of Tefillin Bags (JDN)



  1. See what the reform do not teach their children? We who are unfortunate that our ancestors left the fold of Israel live to find this a sad feeling never to know how a child is meant to grow and touch his own mind.

    This is why Matzav helps much of us who are not well to be given a Torah life from birth. We can see and rehash how our mind should have formed as jews.

    The reform will kill you for an abomination and their children do not do well.

    All in all, hope that kiruv brings more ba’al teshuvahs. Its hard to see a society die and know jews intermarry and carry no Torah mind.

    If I can do it, they all can. I am having my best year I hope and it is keen to find more Torah. What ever these poor people did is an abomination and there is NO FORGIVENESS for the reform.


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