Photos: Spate of Graffiti Sprayings in Lakewood


graffiti-sprayings-in-lakewood[Photos below.] Several incidences of spray-painted graffiti in Lakewood, NJ, have residents on alert, though, sources say, the graffiti does not appear to gang-related or targeted at any specific group, but rather simple vandalism.

Graffiti is not a new phenomenon in Lakewood, where anti-Semitic writing has shown up in various neighborhoods, including Coventry Square, over the last few years.

In the more recent incidents, a new house on Ridge Avenue, at New York Avenue, was blatantly sprayed up in an act of vandalism.

In a second instance, a non-Jewish house of worship was sprayed with graffiti as well.

See below for photos:

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{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. I live there. It has not been crossed off by anyone. Although I agree that it is probably gang related. they hit Jewish and non-Jewish buildings.

  2. “18” in graffiti language usually stands for MS 18, a very violent gang with roots in Central America that has been spreading to the US lately. This is how they claim and mark out their turf.


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