Photos: “Sereifas Haman” with Rav Meir Mazuz, Purim 5777



  1. When will you guys realize that we are in golus. We all know what this is about but the velt doesnt , and to them this makes us look no different then the violent terrorists. I bissel seichel.

    • I agree. We get it, but this is the generation of social media where anything we do can be taken the wrong way and broadcast to the world.

      It says in the Megillah to give gifts of food and gifts to the poor. Let that go viral. Pictures of Jews sharing gifts.

  2. a bissel seichel is unaware that this Minhag goes back to the times of the Gemoro.
    The Gemoro Sanhedrin 64b ( כמשוורתא דפוריא (רש”י
    See also Darkei Moishe O.Ch. 690 quotes from the Aruch the details of burning an effigy
    of Haman on Purim.
    The Hadlaka in Meron on Lag Baomer is not mentioned in the Gemoro.

  3. This is in E’Y and I’m sure gedolei yisrael take all that and much more into consideration with everything they do. Theirs is a life of cheshbon. And as long as it doesn’t appear to be an effigy of a particular group seems like a good minhag to me


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