Photos: Riding Together, Building Together at the Second Annual YHSA Community Bike-a-thon


Yeshiva High School of Arizona hosted its second annual Community Bike-A-Thon at Mountain View Park, Scottsdale. Over 110 riders came out to enjoy the fun and challenging rides.Of special note was the new 63 mile expert ride with fourteen riders who rode from Phoenix through Fountain Hills until they arrived at Mountain View park where they were welcomed by a barbecue with the community. The seven expert riders who came from California enjoyed a Shabbaton with the Scottsdale Community hosted at Ahavas Torah and Rabbi Ariel Shoshan. Most cyclists did the 24 mile ride on the scenic Greenbelt Trail from Mountain View Park to Tempe Town Lake. Families and children challenged themselves on shorter rides.Everyone got to exercise and raise money for the YHSA Building Fund. Over 30,000 was raised.Many of the students of YHSA raised money by getting their rides sponsored and rode the entire 24 Miles.

Mr. Steve Gubin, past president of the Federation, commented about the Bike-a-thon” It’s a great way to “kill two birds with one stone” help a great organization and exercise!”

Dr. Chuck Matlin who has joined for the second year in a row did the 63 mile expert ride and expressed “This is a great event for the community!”.

Aaron Polonsky, one of the students, exclaimed upon finishing first in the 24 mile ride “When can we do the next Bike-a-Thon!?”

The Ride Committee was Mr. Geoffrey Harris, Dr. Rene Lucas, Rabbi Binyamin Mandel, Dr. Chuck Matlin, Mr. Jonathan Michel, Dr. Arthur Rothstein, Rabbi Yossie Semel, and Mr. Irwin Sheinbein

On the National Committee was Mr. Kalev Klein, Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Moshe Engel, Los Angeles, CA, Mr. Robert Sigal, San Diego, CA, and Mr. Mitchell Sabshon, Chicago, IL

You can join next year. Mark the date: February 19th, 2017.

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  1. Somebody always has to post something negative, so here goes.
    Why do I see quite a few riders without helmets? Is that what we want to teach our kids?


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