Photos: Repaving the Road in Meah Shearim, Yerushalayim (JDN)



  1. What a disputable post. With all due respect to Matzav.

    Tell me.
    Who paid for this ?
    Who was hired to to this pavement?
    Who’s connection got this timely job accomplished?
    Is it the government who they have absolute hate despise disgust for ?
    Is it medinat Yisroal who the trash ?
    Is it the same government who they call Nazi freely each time they come to protect ?
    Are those who paved there streets the same woman who they wished the depth of hell ?

    Who did this ?
    Most important why did they do this?
    Let those self hating Israelites do their own crap pave their own roads milk their own cows ,,,,
    What are freakin ridiculous post. Shame on you, you anti government group.

  2. Why does this look soooooo familiar? Haven’t we all seen such scenes countless times over the years? Why in the world can’t they just do it right for once and for all, so that they don’t have to go through such expense and efforts, at such high costs to the residents, the businesses, the passersby, again and again and again?

  3. This has been going on for a month now. Nobody knows why they broke up Meah Shearim to install a fiber optic network. Conspiracy theorists say that they are installing anti hafgana technology,whatever that would mean….

  4. This is the most well known and beloved street in the world. (jewish world).
    I was so happy when i saw these photos. Is there ever a person who travels to EY and does not walk at least once through this amazing street?
    And then the posts, why so much hate and venom.
    The people who live here are our brothers who come from an era where people struggled to live in EY before the politics.
    Just because of Kedushas EY.
    Just because of Yishuv EY.

    What has happened to us?

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