Photos: Recap of the Mega Matzav Carlebach Webcast Featuring Shua Kessin, Mezamrim, Nachum Segal, Moshe Hecht and More


matzav-carlebach-kessin-webcast[Photos and credits below.] Last night, Child Life Society and proudly presented Jewish music sensation Shua Kessin with special guest Moshe Hecht and the renowned Mezamrim choir, led by Chilu Posen, with music by S&S productions in a special kumzitz commemorating the yahrtzeit and featuring the compositions of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

The kumzitz – with full audio and video – was web-casted, powered and hosted by, allowing people all over the word to watch it from their homes. Tens of thousands of viewers all over the globe logged on to enjoy this beautiful and unified evening of song.

The kumzitz took place live beginning at 9:30 p.m. at Minyan Shelanu, located at 145 Ocean Avenue (Route 88) in Lakewood, NJ. The event concluded shortly before midnight, following a stunning 2 1/2 hours of heartwarming music. The event was a smashing success by all accounts.

New for 2011, in addition to technology upgrades, including stunning videography by L’Chaim Studios and the highest sound quality in the field by Stratton Sound, was the participation of noted Jewish radio personality Nachum Segal’s Saturday Night Segal show, which web-casted live from the kumzitz at The show featured its regular host, Yoni Korbman, and Nachum Segal himself. thanks the following people for being part of the event and ensuring its success:

Extra special thanks to: Child Life Society, the primary sponsors of the event. Readers may visit

Thanks as well to:

Shua Kessin – the one and only

Simcha Wenger and S&S Productions – on the road to greatness in the world of Jewish music

Rav Chaim Abadi and Minyan Shelanu of Lakewood

Chilu Posen and the Mezamrim Choir, including Shauly Waldner, Chaimy Deutch and Don Stern

Nachum Segal, Yoni Korbman and the Saturday Night Segal show

Chaim Rosen of L’Chaim Studios

Reb Naftoli Greenwald

Yossi Tepper of The Video Maven

Psachya Skaist

Calev Stratton Sound

– Moshe Hecht – whose new album, Heart Is Alive, is available everywhere

Dovid Makovsky and the entire staff

– The ultra-talented musicians: Yaakov Zeines – keyboards; Yisroel Ament – acoustic guitar; Sammy Kissel – electric guitar; Jeremy Benabou (West Mount Auto Leasing) – percussion; Yonason Rothman – violin; and Meyer Rosenbaum – flute.

– The media outlets and others who helped publicize the event and webcast, including: The Lakewood Shopper (Yaakov Wenger), Yated Ne’eman, The Lakewood Voice (Ari Berkowitz and Yitzy Levi), Minyan Shelanu, Hamodia, Matzav Email Blasts, The Lakewood Scoop, Kol Mevaser, and others.

– And finally, to the “player to be named later,” the nekudah tovah, the one who gets it done. Period. Thanks a million.

A full video rebroadcast of the event will be available later on here on

See below for photos of the event:

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  1. I must say ,When I heard about this event I was very spectacle it would be anything decent and all..
    But after watching almost most of it last night cause I couldn’t get enough ,I must say honestly,it is one of the highest professional level Jewish webcasted shows & a very high level performance & clarity Ive ever seen.
    So THANK YOU & great great job

  2. #3 I’m sorry but what is a spectacle is that you don’t know how to spell “skeptical!!!!And you didn’t watch “almost most”….you watched “almost all” of it.!!!!Redundancy is almost most….now check the word redundant and learn something new.

  3. #8 it is possible to watch “almost most”, and it is not redundant. even though literally speaking most is anything more than half, people use it to mean more than that. so for example if he means that most is about 75% and he watched 70%, that would be “almost most”. if you are going to criticize make sure that you are right.


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