Photos: Purim Preparations At The ‘Toys 4 U’ Headquarters In Boro Park (JDN)



  1. This is very nice BUT there are other toy stores and stores that sell Purim things!
    It’s not fair, unless this is a paid ad, for our favorite news website to promote one store over the next!

  2. Nebech as what purim has become.

    Instead of buying all these shmatchzek donate to the needy.

    This is what chinuch is?
    Every year I must buy a new costume otherwise they’ll think I’m crazy.


    • Nobody is telling you what to do. You are your own boss, and you are the baal mechanech for your kids.
      If you feel it’s a waste of money to buy costumes every year, fine! But don’t judge others by what they do. Many costumes rip over purim with the kids jumping around in them. Everyone is entitled to do as they see fit. But bashing others and businesses is uncalled for and definitely on public forum.

  3. This is the company that had an Indian firm shadow every movement of accounting employees is NJ and then the Indians (Tata Consulting) took the jobs to India and Toys R Us fired the Americans. This company deserves to be driven out of business not supported by us.


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