Photos: Press Conference Led By Councilman Chaim Deutch To Condemn The Recent Hate Crimes In Brooklyn (JDN)



  1. How about condemning Brooklyn DA for perpetuating the bias crime double standard, where blacks, muslims and perverts are protected species, and Jews are not. In fact, if some bystander Jew would beat up the Pakistani driver who attacked the old Jewish man, the DA would come down hard on that Jew and charge him with some kind of vigilante bias crime. If this law doesn’t protect us while could be used against us, then we should campaign to repeal it. Maybe take it all the way to the supreme court: I don’t see how this double standard is constitutional. Condemning the crime is silly; fight the system that fosters it.

  2. DA Gonzalez who always SAYS he cares about the frum community knows we will vote for him anyway, so this like any other press conference is pointless.


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