Photos: People Buying the New “Kosher Cook” No-Toivel Knife



  1. With my wisdom I’ll now pitch in
    You must have these for your kitchen
    You’ll buy one, you’ll buy more
    A no-dunk knife in every drawer
    They’ll cut kishke, they’ll slice fish
    They’ll enhance your cholent dish
    Knice knew knives for Rosh HaShanna
    I must buy some, yes I’m gonna
    They slice pie and they cut cake
    They’re the real deal, they’re not fake
    Knives like this are so, so fine
    It’s just a shame they don’t cut wine
    To buy these knives knives you should be zealous
    They even make the White House jealous
    In my kitchen these fine knives sit
    Crafted by the best Messer Schmidt
    Knives like these are made to last
    Their quality is unsurpassed
    They should last at least a yoival
    And never, ever need a toival

  2. Brings tears to my eyes. Very emotional experience viewing these photo’s. If my boss wasn’t lurking around, I would view these photographs all day long.

  3. Have we now gotten so lazy/busy that we can’t be bothered to toivel our knives? Just about every Jewish owned housewares store has a keilim mikvah. How hard is it to walk to the back of the store and dunk a knife? Sheesh.


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