Photos: NYPD and Shomrim at the Scene of a Swastika Scrawled on a Construction Site at 46th Street and 14th Avenue in Boro Park (JDN)



  1. It looks like a backward swastica. Why is every graffiti being spread in the media. It will only cause copycats. The ADL secular organization which hates Trump is behind this whole media blitz. Where was the ADL when in 1991 there was the crown heights pogrom. Stop giving media coverage that is not pro orthodox or pro Trump.

  2. Oh please. This is gornisht mit gornisht. You can barely see it. Stop making a grosser tzimis over every little thing. I love the 2nd picture. Some kool looking guy with sunglasses talking on a cell phone while staring at the absolutely horrific scene. It’s take charge pictures like that, that give us hope. What’s worse? This, or what’s happening in Jackson?

  3. OMG some bored idiot with a sharpie drew a swastika on a fence! Horror! Panic! Quick, call the politicians and “Askonim” to get their photo ops and make us think they are “doing something”!!


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