Photos: Non-Jew Stops in at Five Towns Jewish Home to Check On Some Chometz He Bought, Takes a Shot of Bourbon


The non-Jew was accompanied by Rav Eytan Feiner, rov of the White Shul, Congregation Knesseth Israel, and Rav Uri Orlian, rov of Cong. Sharei Tefilla.


  1. Obviously the non-Jew has the right to do this, as the chometz belongs to him. After Pesach, however, when the chometz is sold back to the original owners, will the Jewish person have to pay less, due to there being less bourbon than when he originally sold it?

    • Well it’s a little bit the other way around.
      The Goy only makes a downpayment before pesach and then if he chooses after pesach to keep the chometz, he is required to pay the full value of what he wants to keep.
      So yes, if he took some chometz, he will have to pay for the value of what he took.

  2. The point of this article is to show that the sale is real and the goy has every right to invade your privacy of your home and he can come and take what he wants. Anyone that doesnt “get it” or refuses entry of the goy, makes his sale null and void and is oiver on chometz sheaver al pesach

  3. the goy still has to pay for what he takes. just like in the times of jewish rule when the kinyanim were done with meshicha, but of course people made a living. ask any rav

  4. When they bought it back from him they told him that what he took was on-the-house (with the reshus of the baalei batim)


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