Photos: Adorable NJ 1-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday Party Yesterday in Style


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  1. Everyone take a chill. This is just an obvious new mother trying to have a little fun. Nobody got hurt. Just relax. It is pathetic but who cares?

  2. Wow, mamesh Toradik. Thank you so much for showing us this. Why did you rub out the name? It’s the same crime as removing Hillary from the picture as she sat in the war room.

  3. Why so much negativity- are you all just jealous that your babies weren’t invited? Are you jealous you couldn’t come up with such a cute idea? Are you jealous that you simply couldn’t afford such a party? Which one is it? Why would this party get so much negativity over all the other parties that are thrown? I’ve seen extravagant upsherins, bar/bas mitzva, weddings, birthday parties…. people have to stop being so busy trying to take other people down and get on with your own life! To the birthday baby- you and all your friends are adorable and I can’t wait to see her next year party!

  4. Everyone is entitled to celebrate which ever way they like. Let us stop judging ,hurting people ,and bullying people based on your own preconceived notion’s . If you were not there then you have no right to say a bad word about this beautiful phenomenal talented event . Haters will always hate and they don’t care about the repercussions of what they say . Usually haters have no self worth and very low self esteem . They raise themselves up by putting beautiful things down. Shame on you !enough of this sinas chinam!

  5. You know what is disgusting ? Putting people down for No reason and being such negative person . Get help please
    You know what’s a nebach? Having sinas chinum against people that did nothing wrong . Check your head please
    This is as a private beautifully talented event that was full of Simcha stop hating and try loving a little , it may help your depressing life

  6. Thanks for highlighting the indulgent lifestyle that’s becoming commonplace. Nothing like the public spotlight to help people reconsider before going down that route. The hight of banality! The adults involved seem to be as self unaware as the toddlers in the highchairs!

    • I am not sure what is indulgent over here. A creative mom put together a awesome party without spending that much. And you are bashing her without knowing anything. It looks expensive because the mom is talented.

  7. I’m embarrassed that this is what a yiddisheh mama is trying to instill in the hearts of her young children yes it does go in and yes it is a bizayon. it is not the deed that is repulsive it is the thing that it represents for those that may say im jealous i can afford it and i would never have sent my kid. and yes people who make extravagant weddings or bar mitzvos its wrong but still more acceptable because you are celebrating a mitzva 1 it is a mitzva to make a chasson and kalah happy and if this makes them happy then there is reason to do so and 2 a bar mitzva is an occasion when a boy is reaching the point when he is chayiv in mitzvos and that is a reason to celebrate because gadol ha metzuvah veoseh mimi sheh aino metzuveh veoseh and we are celebrating his kabolas ha mitzvos a birthday for a one year old while is some thing to thank hashem about it is not something that deserves a party like that and then to publicize it where is the tznius (tznius is not only covering ervah it is also a way we act)

    • Wow. talk about yiddishkite! how about dan lekaf zchus? or try Mevayish? or how about sinas chinam? worry about your ervah before judging and putting down a beautiful event that was private and not intended for your useless wasteful hateful garbage of a comment.


  9. This is really inappropritae to put on a FRUM website it is not news or even interesting it is disguting to put such a thing up when there are people that are struggling to put food on their table you can call it jealousy or whatever you want but it is still wrong!!!!!

  10. Stop making it like this party was for the children. This was for the pure enjoyment of the parents and friends!
    Would have been better just hiring a baby sitter. And dressed up and gone to the city. Rather than pretend this has to do with the children. Thats without bringing in the crass commercialism. Atleast when theirs a bar mitvah/bris etc. you are celebrating a real halachic simcha! This is a birthday go ahead try to find a halachic source as justification for matzav to posts this crass commercialism parading as simcha.

  11. Everybody come down !!!!! This mom has talent !!! This party was cheaper then taking 10 kids to the pizza shop. The food consist of slice bananas a baby jar, pink cake that she made, high chairs from ikea $15( chances are she would be giving them to a baby gemach) what’s wrong with enjoying life!!! Enjoy !!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

  12. Astonished at the lack of depth displayed here. “A good time was had by all” is not a very strong case that the behavior was appropriate. Sefer hachinuch maintains that a certain involvement in gashmiyus is bonafide lo sosuru. We can’t possibly judge the persons involved but we can abhor the values. Oh and pleased stop cyberbulling us into silence. Thank you matzav for sparking a constructive discussion.

  13. What’s all the fuss about?
    Matzav is clearly providing a new platform to the oilam hatorah by posting all that is currently viral on WhatsApp chats worldwide for those of us that are smartphone deficient. Kol hakavod!

  14. This was a pure kiddish Hashem!! Could we do this in Spain?? In Germany?? No!! Only in America! Thank you for this Midina shel chesed!!

  15. @birthdayking
    100% i totally agree!!! such a thing could NOT have happened in another era
    and its all thanks to george washington we have this special zechus to be marbe kvod shamayim in such a gishmake way

  16. Just saying All the positive comments are the moms friends relentlessly trying to justify this and make themselves feel better about their materialistic pressure filled society. No need to fight back they will never admit this party is over the top. Theres generally a reason photos go viral.

  17. Hysterical that all the people defending this were There! Duh of course they see nothing wrong with it. Trying to defend and justify their materialistic pressure filled world. By this going viral they”made it.” things generally go viral for a reason. Not because its so nice to look at. Idk about you i havent received sunsets lately.

  18. This party was obviously put out by a wife of one of the little immature kinderlach that runs They are a rich couple from the 5 towns that live off of Papa’s dough. They never worked a day in their life and are spoiled. Nu nu, what do you expect? If they can show a picture of all the Mothers who attended, you would understand right away what I’m talk I guess about.

  19. I thought it was the coolest party ever I’m just upset that I didn’t come up with this brilliant idea. Credit to the mother for the amazing and beautiful job, and if I was making a party I would have her do it.


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