Photos: New Marble Designs Installed On The Walls Of Ponovezh Yeshiva In Bnei Brak (JDN)



  1. Why do Israelis come here to ask for money when there is so much money for marble available in Israel?
    Why do we give to those who come for Israel when our Yeshivas can’t afford marble while the Israeli one can?
    Shouldn’t our own Yeshivas come first?

    • Marble is relatively cheap in Israel. Also, Ponovezh is one of the largest and most prestigious yeshivos in the world. It is befitting for Klal Yisroel to be happy if they have a glorious Bais Medrash. Would you complain about the opulence in the Bais HaMikdosh too?

  2. There is not “so much money for marble” is Israel. Ponovezh probably found one donor willing to sponsor it. When was the last time their beish medrash was renovated? 50 years ago? Many yeshivos in America have new or recently built buildings, and all comforts necessary. Many Israeli yeshivos are old and in need of major repairs. We should be happy that they were zoche to beautify their beis medrash. And B’H, people do donate to American yeshivos in large amounts. Kein Yirbu…


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