Photos: Misameach’s Annual Mid-Winter Event


Misameach has become famous for throwing the absolute best parties in Lakewood, NJ. Last Monday, hundreds of children and their families flocked to Ateres Chana Hall for Misameach’s annual mid-winter event. The excitement was visible on the children’s faces, as they were treated to a virtual buffet of entertainment and fun.

A full fleishige meal was served, sponsored by Greenwald Catering, along with cotton candy, fresh popcorn, and sno-cones, and a gigantic indoor carnival was set up. Plus, all guests had a chance to try out the selfie terminal.

The emcee was Moshe Stamler, and singers Yehuda Green and Mendy J performed, accompanied by the Rhythm 5 band. Chaim Zeilig, a.k.a. Binyomin Miller, sang a song for the crowd.

Children’s faces were painted by Leah’s Airbrushing, and everyone received a gift package sponsored by Volvi Brown. Raffle prizes included a pool, a bike, and an electric scooter.

There was an extensive arts-and-crafts area, and many indoor rides kept the kids busy. The Ocean County Sheriff’s office had an exhibit distributing ID cards to all the children.

The highlight of the night was a performance by the Victoria Circus from Florida, with a high-wire act and death-defying motorcycle cage stunts.

Dr. Reuven Shanik presented an award to Dr. Ian Jacobs of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in recognition for all the work he does for Misameach children. Another award was presented to Pesachya Loewenberg for being the Misameach Volunteer of the Year.

Misameach works year-round to spread smiles and to bring joy to the faces of patients and their families.


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