Photos: Large Crowd Attends Kollel Shomre Hachomos Annual Lakewood Parlor Meeting


kollel-shomrei-hachomos-parlor-meeting-in-lakewood-2011[Photos below.] Lakewood, NJ – This past Monday, Rosh Chodesh Av, Kolel Shomre Hachomos held its annual Lakewood parlor meeting at the home of Reb Avrohom Moshe Muller on Brittany Court.

Kollel Shomre Hachomos-Reb Meir Baal Haness is one of the largest organizations of Torah, tzedakah and chessed, serving thousands of needy families in Eretz Yisroel.

The guest speaker at the parlor meeting was Rav Yaakov Shlomo Meisels, av bais din of Liminov. The event chairman was Rav Yaakov Nissin Friedman.

See below for photos of the event:

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