Photos: Kvias Mezuzos Puts Final Touches on Duvys Media’s Newly Expanded Next-Generation Headquarters


Thursday afternoon, a large crowd of clients and well-wishers gathered at the all-new and revamped Duvys Media headquarters on Oberlin Avenue in Lakewood. The bright and airy blue and white surroundings that greet you upon entering is a reflection of the company’s freestyle and dynamic out-of-box creativity in cutting-edge design and functionality with regard to everything related to the web.

The newly expanded headquarters provides ample workspaces for the company’s sizable team of account executives, designers, developers and customer service personnel.

From the early pioneers of online media, Duvys has produced thousands of websites over the past twenty years, leading the way in virtually every facet of the industry. Their cutting-edge expertise runs the gamut of site and software development, strategic marketing, SEO, social media and whatever it takes for businesses and nonprofits to communicate their message effectively.

Duvys has successfully positioned some of today’s most prestigious corporations, non-profits and government agencies in the arena of the future through optimum web design and functionality, high traffic capacity, and uptime reliability they can count on.

If you’ve ever visited one of the many popular peer-2-peer fundraising sites, sponsoring everything ranging from biking to basketball to tennis to learning, chances are it was produced by Duvys Media. They are the leader in automated fundraiser portal for events like auctions, dinners, and more.

In addition to the clients, friends and community officials, the Kvias Mezuzah event was graced by the presence of Rav Shmuel Blech of Lakewood and Rav Avraham Teichman, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Yagdil Torah in Yerushalayim who affixed the mezuzahs.


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