Photos: Kol Nidrei at Yeshivas Ponovezh, Bnei Brak



{ Israel/Photos: Courtesy of Bechadrei Chareidim}


  1. I agree, I wondered how photos could be taken on Kol Nidre on Shabbas Eve by a culture of our orthodox who do not endorse electricity on the events and sabbath, but if this is acceptable, we can indeed have less anxiety over every light switch inadvertantly flicked. I do not myself think all of our ways are given by the new age of electricity to be maligned by fear. So just a word to live by, lets keep ourselves in prayer, not worry!

  2. Please clarify the Aron kodesh does not look like the famous golden Aron kodesh seen in hundreds of pictures of rav shach. Is this a different ponovez BM?

  3. It is that is at fault because they are the ones who are obsessed with every picture that every schnook takes. It shows total lack of maturity! Then you wonder why we have a dumbing down

  4. My take is the pictures were taken by an American bochur who keeps the US time and so with such a time difference he had more then enough time to take pictures..

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