Photos: Kinnus Klali of Chassidei Satmar (JDN)



  1. “Kinnus Klali of Chassidei Satmar”

    Not all Satmar – Kiryas Joel faction of Satmar led by R. Aaron Teitelbaum, נגד ציונות.

  2. כללי is a double misnomer. First of all, this gathering was for a specific fraction of Satmar, EXCLUDING a large group of its own.
    Secondly, it was more like anti-כללי, again setting themselves apart and denouncing a very large part of כלל ישראל.
    On the one hand, Satmar chasidim are involved in tremendous amount of chesed, and give tzedaka with open hands and hearts. Conversely, the once holy shita of true kanous has deteriorated to outright hatred towards many others, including their very own.
    עכר ביתו ינחל רוח


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