Photos: Kids in Camp in the Catskills Enjoying Gefen’s Instant Soups



  1. It is good to look at these children. They are the very hopeful future for all of us.

    The reform where I was given my chance to succeed fails miserably on all counts of all child worry and human hope. These children will not get snapped out by the hate from unorthodox sources.

    We must discuss and share more of the jewish culture with so many people in our faith. They want anything but Torah and we are all to see scary stories and one may ever live ever such a scary dream.

    Gefen is good. Watch the sodium!

  2. Healthy . Healthy. Healthy.

    I would not send my kid to a camp where they serve this stuff.

    Its good for emergency situations. Nothing else

    • It has no msg. if you zoom into the picture you can see it says on the cups no msg.
      once upon a time a few years ago, it did have msg. so people still assume it has msg.
      these Gefen Instant soups are really good and has no MSG.
      theres no problem with it and it’s the biggest trend in camps!!
      let them enjoy!!


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