Photos: Kapparos in Golders Green, London (JDN)



  1. More tzaar baalei chaim, brought to you, once again, by people who have never seen a live animal except during these ten days.
    Shame on them. They’re holding those chicken like they’re arresting them for squawking. Those chickens are very clearly in pain. One never holds a chicken like that, unless you’re supremely ignorant. And hats what’s going on here.
    As I write elsewhere, what exactly are they thinking? Don’t expect forgiveness if you manhandle a living creature that way. Time to end this barbaric, pagan custom.

    • What chutpah to call it a pagan custom on a holy custom which Gedolei Yisrael throughout generations did. How about learning about it instead of being motzei shem ra on klal yisrael, esp. now before Yom Kippur.

  2. Just thinking this morning. When was the last time Bibi did kapparas? Might help us.

    Zuckerberg wanted to show his power jew image with a shofar this year on matzav. Well, if he did kapparas, who would say he would not have a better year? Oddly his intermarriage can even be rectified. Why jews do not perform this every one of us is absurd. Its real. Our King knows our traded sin.

    Simple wage. A meal to provide and a good prayer read properly.

    One does.

  3. You should learn about it yourself. Many of our greatest rabbis called it a minhag Amori. A silly, foolish, disgraceful, meaninglesss and pagan custom. Don’t you research anything before you shoot your mouth off?


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