Photos: Kapparos 5779 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (JDN)



  1. R”l nearly every picture shows צער בעלי חיים. If you look at pictures of the Lubavitcher rebbe at Kaporas time he never held a chicken this way. A little more compassion please! I wonder how this could be taught…

  2. Precisely my point. The chickens are in extreme pain, clearly. Holding them by their wings in their back…it looks like a Chasidic cop arresting an OTD guy who left their shul. The tzaar baalei chaim depicted here is enormous and forget about the gdolim back in the day decrying it as a pagan custom; it’s pure pain for the chicken. This is your idea of…what, exactly? You’re gaining forgiveness for something by doing this? Have we all lost our minds? The answer: yes, sadly. Frum Jews are out of their minds when they do this.
    Please keep all those pictures up. Don’t deletete one!

  3. was this a class trip? The optics of this looks terrible. Seems that city kids are taking care of the chickens. Where are the adults? This is not childs play.


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