Photos: Jared Kushner Spotted Walking To Chabad Shul Holding A Lulav And Esrog



  1. I wonder if he did kapparos. I do not think chabad does that often. My town was nil.

    The tax payer might never have such a concern!

  2. beautiful say what you want but the “nisyon” of richness and fame at such a young age probably aint an easy one keep it up jared we love u

  3. Jared fits the profile of a Lubavitcher mekurav – a nice guy who is not too learned in Yiddishkeit. So he fits right in there.

    • Your prejudice is showing .In case you are interested in the truth there are Chassedei Chabad who are Talmedei Chchamim of the highest caliber. And until you are Mekarev even one Yid I suggest you refrain from commenting on those who do

      • Lemayseh, most people that Lubavitch is mekarev, that go to the Habad houses, are ignorant Jews. They may have had no proper chinuch, Reform, Conservative. Go to shtark frum neighborhoods and see how many become Lubavitchers. Very few.

        Lubavitch has the most success with ignorant Jews.

        The more knowledgable a Yid is, the less likely he is to become a Lubavitcher.

        • Its a set up for gold. You give me a seat in an orthodox synagogue and I will pay the always true hope the good feeling is my bank.


        • tov fits right in 10/8 7:01 pm
          of course someone who grew up without torah is ignorant…the people who came back thru gateways, areichim,’ partners in torah’,aish etc etc were all ignorant.
          ‘oi bistu a choochem’,

      • Of course he went to Yeshiva.

        But attending a Modern Orthodox day school (we have to give credit to his family for doing a lot for chinuch in NJ) and being a talmid chochom are not necessarily the same thing.

  4. It’s one thing to have an article about Jared and Ivanka which may be relevant to current events, public policy or appreciating their role as Jews in the white house – but to just post pictures of them walking to shul… who cares!?
    Aren’t we above the paparazzi mindset of following every movement of “celebrities”. To me the whole mindset of following (stalking) the every movement of the “stars” is totally foreign to yiddishe hasagos and ideals.
    Baruch Hashem, the frum new outlets are pretty good about this. They will post pictures of gedolim whose actions we seek to emulate (Rav Elyashiv, Rav Chaim, Rav Dovid, Rav Shmuel, etc.). They do not, however, post pictures of our music stars walking to shul (MBD, Yaakov Shwekey, Simcha Leiner, etc.) or our business leaders/philanthropists with their arba minim, or our political/community leaders out baking matzos. Overall, there is an understanding that while they may all be contributing tremendously to the klal Yisroel, it is our Gedolim who we put on a pedestal. Somehow, when it comes to Mr. and Mrs. Kushner, our news outlets have paskened that the incessant observation of their every movement is appropriate.

  5. Tomorrow some lefty reform rabbits are having an anti Trump protest at 9 am at Trump Tower on fifth ave and 57 st. A few of us frum guys are going to counter protest them. Git moed.

  6. this is so wrong. he claims to be an orthodox jew. his wife claims to have had an orhtodox conversion. what gives any of us the right to poke fun at them? is that any way to encourage them to keep the mitzvos they keep? shame on you

  7. It’s not easy to have a private life when you are the son in law and daughter of such a public figure as the president himself. But, I say, leave them alone, just the same.

  8. Jared and Ivanka and not Chabadniks. There are only two other orthodox synagogues in DC — Kesher Israel and Ohev Shalom — which are, pretty much in line with the rest of that benighted town, HARDCORE leftist in their political ideology. Do you really think the Kushners would feel welcome in a congregation full of Trump haters? B”H they found a shul that does welcome them. I wish them only that their Yiddishkeit should grow stronger. Who knows, maybe even Jared will start wearing a kippah

  9. It is sad even on this holiday season there is so much hate, the Temple was lost because there was hate between brothers. There was so much hate between brothers 24,000 was lost among Rabbi Akiva’s group. We are in a New Year and a new turn and there is so much hate already, for where do we go from here down or up?


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