Photos: Ivanka Trump Celebrates Shemini Atzeres with Her Children


Ivanka Trump celebrated Shemini Atzeres with her three children on Monday, the Daily Mail reports.

Taking full advantage of the unusually warm fall weather, the first daughter walked to the American Friends of Lubavitch shul, while her children, Arabella, seven, Joseph, four, and Theodore, two, happily rode alongside her on their scooters.

Secret Service agents kept a watchful eye as Ivanka, 36, guided her excited children down sidewalks and across streets by herself, while her husband, Jared Kushner, was noticeably absent from the family outing thanks to his duties at the White House.



  1. I just don’t get your obsession with Ivanka to follow and report her every move, every Yom Tov. Why is it appropriate for a Frum website to show full view photos of her? Honestly people are coming to your site to get away from all this….

  2. Can you please post photos of Mrs. Goldberg from 56th street? She purchased a new shaitel recently and would love to see how she looks in it. She also recently lost weight and would like to see how she looks in her new Yom Tov outfit. Yes, that is exactly what you’re doing by posting photos of Rebbitzen Ivanka. There is absolutely no difference. Hiw is viewing pictures of a married Kushner any different than a married Goldberg?!

  3. leave the family alone! this is not TMZ. Let her go to shul and enjoy yom tov without having to worry about that jerk photographer hiding in the bushes! And if some idiot does invade her privacy and snaps pictures, and you run a “Torahdiga” site, don’t lower yourself to print it! If someone took pictures of my kids like that, I would clean his clock.

  4. In that case how about showing photos of frum ladies who accomplish a lot for klal Yisroel. It would be great to see who these ladies are, instead of just reading about them.

  5. stop picking on and/or making fun of a giyorus. i am sure it is against halacha. if she is serious, it is incumbent upon us to encourage her–and i dont mean by taking pictures of her and her family. i mean by her making an effort to let her kids know it’s yomtov

  6. Can we hear from Matzav their point of view regarding posting such pictures and the obsession with Ivanka. Readers are letting their feelings known, we would like to hear from the editor…

  7. I remember the time, actually it was pretty recently, when a respectable drum toradik website wouldn’t show pictures of women. We’ve fallen quite far from that. I beseech the editors to please be more sensitive to this ideal.
    We are an Am Kodosh. You have a great achrayis as well as the opportunity to help us stay holy, please please be more careful.
    Showing these pictures and others like these are unnecessary and can distance us from the holiness we aspire to. What happened to our standards ? What happened to the concept of a toradik website? If not you then who?
    Please please take heart. You do not have to publish this, this isn’t meant for the public’s discussion.
    In the zechus of helping to maintain the holiness in klal Yisroel HKBH will surely shower you with blessing. I envy the opportunity you have.

    • curious why matzav didnt post my links proving the comment above incorrect in spirit about its assumptions! go to the agudah of americas website and use the search bar in the top right it will bring up their archives from The Jewish Observer. and see how they had no qualms of posting pictures of women.

  8. If you really care about your holiness and are truly not a hypocrite…what are you doing on the internet bechlall? There are many ways to get the news…be real….

  9. I think she is dressed beautifully and tziniosdik.I enjoy seeing these pictures.If this gentleman is offended he should not be on the internet.

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